"The gratefulness that I received, reached the deepest parts of my soul. I’ve never felt this happy".

Fred Terhaar

"The gratefulness that I received, reached the deepest parts of my soul. I’ve never felt this happy".

Fred Terhaar

Do you want to join the Parolu team?

The Parolu Foundation is fully dependant on donations and the priceless help and dedication of volunteers. We can most definitely use your help as well. This can be done with just a few hours a week. Think, for example:

  • Language education
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Project planning
  • Managing
  • Graphic and animation

Do you want tohelp?give?Become a volunteer !

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Sign up as a volunteer for the Parolu Foundation


How many hours per week are you available?

What kind of work would you like to do?

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What is your profession?

On which telephone number can you be reached?

Do you have a computer at your disposal?

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How to apply?

After sending the form you will receive a confirmation by email. In the email you will also find more information about Parolu and working as a volunteer with us.

Of course, we are very happy with all the help you can offer us. We especially need fundraisers and people who have knowledge of social media and online marketing.

In addition, we also need the following activities, among others:

Language education (Spanish / Dutch or English)
  • Assist in development language courses
  • Assist in the teaching of students
Writing (Spanish / Dutch or English)
  • Write Blogs, website content and social media posts
  • Write letters, emails and other correspondence
  • Translate text from English to Spanish
  • Translate text from Spanish to English
Marketing (Spanish / Dutch or English)
  • Conduct social media and google campaigns
  • Create and write marketing campaigns
Sales (all languages)
  • Fundraising
Project planning
  • Monitor, check and adjust our projects
  • Leading, guiding and helping team members
Being a volunteer is amazing

Being a volunteer
is amazing

Every time I am pleasantly surprised by how much I can do for others. Their gratitude gives me a fantastic feeling.

We see every day ....

what it means to live in a country, with a bad economy, often resulting in political unease. How hard the living conditions are without a job and not knowing when it can get a little better.

We believe in ....

increasing the independence of low literate people, by helping them with that which they need the most help with, namely: learning to read and write.

We experience ....

the success of our language courses, which let people, who can’t find a job in their own country, simply because of a lack of jobs, with their newly gained control over English or Spanish find a job with International organisations. Usually from within their own homes.

The Parolu Foundation also employs Venezuelans that can help with the language programmes. This way, we offer candidates an income and helps the new colleague fellow citizens.

Our team

We are proud to introduce our team members to you. They make it possible that we can help even more people and we are them very grateful for this.

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